My name is Mariska Steyn and I am passionate about the life on the “other” side of the lens. I am a qualified professional Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer living in Auckland, New Zealand. In my life I have met so many amazing people that have inspired me to do what I love, become better at what I do and to help other people to discover their passions too.

On this journey I have learned to get out of the box and explore new things, to think beyond what we have been taught and to always laugh at every challenge life throws at you.

Now it is my turn to give back and that is how this blog originated…

I hope I can inspire each and everyone who reads this blog to pick up a camera, any camera (digital camera, film camera, video camera or even just your mobile phone camera…) and have the courage to press the button…


Shutter Up! – let’s talk all things photography

2 thoughts on “About

  1. So true about getting out of the box and learning new things. It’d be great if you could share with the class some tips & tricks about a mobile camera.


  2. Hi M, so proud of you! Your awesome creative abilities has always been such an important thing in your life. I am excited to follow you on this adventure. Here is to you and your awesome work.


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